from september 2 to september 4, 2020, shanghai precision’s representatives participated in the “technical sharing, study meeting and corporate visit of domestic and foreign glass enterprises" organized by china light industry information center and glass technology exchange committee in cangzhou city, hebei province. our managing director harry sha delivered a speech on “key indicators of glass batching system" during the meeting.

based on recent chinese government’s efforts to control the spread of coronavirus, this meeting was the first major glass industry technical exchange meeting that shanghai precision participated in 2020. our primary goal was to exchange technical information with various glass industry companies and share our experience in the design, manufacture and supply of glass batching equipment, in order to better understand market trends and contribute to the development of the glass industry.

shanghai precision specializes in the design and supply of batch system for gloat glass, fiber glass, container glass, display glass, pharmaceutical glass, etc. our technical expertise and system quality has been recognized by many customers both in china and abroad.



shanghai precision participated in "china and overseas: glass technology forum"-凯发k8官方网站

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