on january 7, 2021, owens corning lighted up successfully its glass fiber furnace at yuhang after cold repair.

the e-glass fiber production line was built in year 2009 with 80kton annual capacity by owens corning composites (china) co., ltd. (“oc”) located in hangzhou yuhang economic development zone. the production line occupy a floor area of 160k square meters with 181,530 square meters structure area, at a total investment cost of 250 million usd. the production is consist of start-of-art batch plant, furnace, feeders, binder system, instrument & control system, as well as other process and laboratory facilities, including an experiment center which is more than 18,090 square meters and a sewage treatment station of 2,980 square meters. shanghai precision was selected to design, fabricate, supply, erect and start up the whole batch plant. 

when cold repair was launched before the end of 2020, as per the oc requirements shanghai precision succeeded to expand the batch capacity without additional investment by modifying and optimizing equipment and system, while rectifying some deficiencies and elevating operation to be more stable and efficient. 

during the batch house cold repair, shanghai precision worked closely with oc team to overcome many challenges as a result of covid-19, while kept frequent contact and built close relationships with all relevant stakeholders, so as to complete the research, design, fabrication, shipping, installation, commissioning and startup within limited time, and ensured timely furnace ignition after cold repair.

shanghai precision will stick to serve all our customers around the world, including oc, with high quality equipment, efficient system and comprehensive service.


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