on november 13th 2020, schott glass tube (zhejiang) co., ltd. lighted up the company’s first furnace for medical borosilicate glass tube in lishui, zhejiang. this project marked schott’s first investment in high-quality medical glass tube production lines in china. the main product is 5.0 medical borosilicate glass that could supply global-standard packaging material for china’s covid-19 vaccine production, and reinforce chinese pharmaceutical companies’ anti-covid efforts. the estimated annual production capacity is 40,000 tons.

shanghai precision dosing & weighing system co., ltd (“shanghai precision”) and eme gmbh (“eme”) worked together to serve the project as the general contractor for complete batch plant. shanghai precision took responsibility for engineering design, equipment assembly and supply, and provided all equipment and system covering raw material unloading, storage, dosing, weighing, transporting, de-dusting, and cullet handling, as well as equipment installation, on-site testing, commissioning and training. the design, fabrication and erection of steel structure and silos for the batch house, and the belt gantries for conveyors were also done by shanghai precision.

as general contractor for the batch house, shanghai precision and eme worked closely to overcome many challenges during covid-19, while maintained frequent contact and built close relationships with all relevant stakeholders, so as to complete the design, fabrication, assembly, shipping, installation, testing, commissioning and startup within limited time frame requested by schott, and ensured timely furnace light-up.

schott (www.schott.com) is a leading international technology group in the areas of specialty glass r&d and manufacturing, the main businesses includes: touch screen glass, electronics, optics, pharmaceutical/ medical, home appliance, energy, transportation and architecture industries.


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